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About Me

Ryuu means dragon. The Chinese Calendar year I was born. Just like this mythical and majestic creature, I'm feisty, glamorous and I don't exist in the real world.

But that was just the writer in me talking. I'm extremely average. I love just about the same things normal girls like and love.

I'm a fangirl. I love Super Junior and I'm super addicted to One Ok Rock, and I like Nsync and Linkin Park too. Pretty much I love music.

I devour scores of anime episodes on my free time, along with Jdramas, jmovies and sometimes other asian dramas.

Because of that my ultimate crush is Jin Akanishi and now I'm recently smitten with Taka

Reading is also one of my hobbies, I love reading books. Fanfictions, magazines, Otaku magazines, Facebook statuses and did I say Fanfics and lots and lots of fanfics hehe

I only write if I the sun shines at night.