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When you see stories with 40+ chapters, you...

  • Feel excited.
  • Feel intimidated.
  • A little bit of both.
  • None of the above.

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"You've swallowed it whole like a ghost in my home, and I've tried to escape, but my persistence dissipates."

About Me

"Our bodies are two, yet my heart is inside you."


I'm a real er for romance, I must say. A little bit of drama and comedy too. I'm also weak in the knees for a good psychological, horror, or thriller, but let me just say that as long as you've got good grammar and an even better imagination, you can be sure I'll find you no matter where you are just so I can drop a review that will most likely never end. I'm into things with deep meanings and all that jazz, considering my progressive metal origins... hmm.

I dig (in no particular order) Monsta X, NCT, Nu'est, Bangtan Sonyeondan, Exo, 2PM, Vixx, and Winner. I like to think I'm a lowkey fan of everyone, really. I still like Bi Rain because his appeal is timeless. But putting the K-pop scene aside, I am a thorough-bred metalhead, and enjoy djent and progressive. Interests lie with Veil Of Maya, Disturbed, Dance Gavin Dance, Erra, The Healing, and old rock and nu-metal stuff everyone's seemingly forgotten about.

Kai | Lay | Jimin | Suga | Yugyeom | Jooheon | Minhyun | Johnny| Taeil | Taeyong | Jinwoo

About me? I am the owner of a sushi truck. I'm an ordinary lobster, and I'm a rather naughty bear. I love to do weird things, because quite frankly I don't care. My favourite animal is a shark and my favourite food is lemon pie. I don't have many friends, but I'm sure you can now guess why. 


"When you said you were searching, I hoped that you'd find me."

I work at the COD Zombie Labs... shhhh.

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