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Personal Message

Oh, you~ 

I'm sorry that you've stumbled upon this very woeful and despairing part of AFF, and I apologize for this heinous transgression on my part. Unfortunately, it was all out of my control. 

But I can do one thing-- I may warn you from proceeding any deeper than you've already managed to entangle yourself in this vile mess of fangirling. 

Turn back while you can...

because the stories written here are of a highly volatile and uncouth nature of vocabulary and ideas. 

There is blood.

There are tears.

There are bad jokes.

And there is .

Writing these words alone I am trembling in my seat. Oh, the misfortune ahead of you! it is not to be taken lightly, i say!

SHINee has been defamed! EXO's dignity has been stolen! C-Clown no longer has any honor to save! All of Bleach and Naruto has been sullied in varying degrees of horror and blasphemy! 

This place is dangerous.

Heed my caution, and run for it before you read something too embarrassing and overly ual, scarring you for a long eternity in the process. 

Oh, the tragedy that awaits you...

About Me

My name is Altaf Raja.

I lol (no, it's not, chee).



Exotic (but I don’t like their music, not really)

Inspirit (but don’t write them cause I’m not good enough—this is my favorite excuse to anything, btw. “I’m not good enough”)

Girl groups are everything important and I will fight you on that.

Incendiary when defending Jinki.

Minho is the real "Umma".

Kibum is probably god of a secret kingdom and we aren’t allowed access until we perfect the abracadabra hip dance (because he likes the lay-dehs~).

 Jonghyun is basically the Korean version of Shah Rukh Khan. (“My name is kim” has a nice right to it, yes?)

Taemin's face is probably as flexible as his body, though.

I don't take prompts. I don't like satisfying people's hunger (unless it's actual hunger, then you are all invited to my kitchen because I’m sanji) my stories will probably hold no appeal for you because they often stink.

Don't ask me if I feel scared for myself because of where I live, I will shut you down.

Don’t ask for my FB or tumblr, I’m not social. Don’t call me “unnie” I’m not Korean. Don’t believe that just because the moon looks beautiful with scars on its body, so would you. Choose life so that you may grow up to choose wife.

And don’t expect me to fall in love with you if we don’t share a pin code.