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If you picked any number 1-12 what would it be? Continued part 3

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Personal Message

currently very busy. finals. not going to be here often
hey. hi. hello
within the confines of your mind
as long as my tale lives
travelling; dreaming
about me

an ordinary, fairly friendly person that occasionally has bad moods; but still pretty decent

uso to honto

this is space for one last goodbye

About Me

please refer me as krys and not anything on the lines of 'author-nim'. I enjoy writing and creating content for the sake of my personal entertainment. if I write something that isn't your cup of tea, please feel free to ignore my stories. I don't cater to all audiences. I'm sorry if you don't enjoy what I write and I respect your opinions, so feel free to tell me what you think and how I can improve my writing. I'm still only a high school student. I'll do my best to uphold a good image and take in criticism as best as I can. and furthermore, please take into consideration that I'm still human. happens and we've got to deal with it. my priorities lie in furthering my education and learning as much as possible to find myself a good job so I can live. so please, don't rush me or demand anything from me. thank you if you took time reading this and I hope I didn't sound like an .
i have interest in a lot of stuff. maybe even too much stuff. most obviously, i like kpop; mainly bts, svt, mamamoo, girl's day, monsta x, ioi, gfriend, and got7;i also like anime/animations. some favorite studios and director would be makoto shinkai, studio ghibli/miyazaki hayao, naoko yamada, miyake masanori, and taichi ishidate. animes that i like tend to have either been hand drawnanimations, water colors, and the modern animation styles. my music taste really varies, but i usually pay attention more to the instrumentsals of songs. i like whatever appeals to me and i personally don't even know what i like the most. i'm interested in astrology, i only have a basic knowledge of it.