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BTS are legends. 

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Heyo~ My name's Xerx!

I've been writing on this website for 7 years but I'm in the middle of a rennovation now. I like to write and draw, you can find my stories here and my art on Instagram or Twitter. I'm pretty chill and I like to chat with others and just simply have fun. Please don't interact with me or my stories if you are under 18yrs. I have many favorite kpop groups and artists but my ultimate favs are BTS and SHINee. Seeing BTS perform live is an experience I'll never ever forget (PTD LV) because I've been an ARMY since 2015 and I was never able to travel and see them up until recently. As for SHINee, they were one of the first groups I got into when I explored the world of kpop back in 2014. My biases are Taemin and Jungkook :P

I love music, so please, do share your favorite songs with me! I also am available for writing commisions as well. If you want something written just lmk and I gotchu (=^_^=)