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nct23 x exo x superm 

- forehead and short hair enthusiast -

be brave, be humble

Twitter: tyongxnct

tumblr: tyongxnct

carrd: tyongxnct.carrd.co

About Me

Since I was little, I loved being creative.

Whether it was writing, drawing, acting or something else.

Creating something on my own was and is my passion and I decided to write down all the little scenarios in my head, like back in the days when I was younger. I always loved writing, no matter If it was in my diary or just a story on a piece of paper, which I luckily kept. My mind is like the ocean; I'm drowning in ideas. 

For many years I tried to publish my own story- but I was too scared, but now, now I'm going to share my mind with the world.