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You've arrived at the SHINee World MV promotion site! Here you'll find all of the wonderful group and solo songs by SHINee! You could possible see me link my personal videos here if I happen to post one as well ^^

By the way, if you haven't noticed from before you scrolled over here, I am a Taemint (Taemin biased) Shawol. So if you do take the time to scroll through the MVs you'd understand why a bunch of Taemin's solo MVs are present.

If you'd like to know more about me, keep scrolling right to find my self introduction, etc.

If not, please enjoy the MVs and I hope you find a new and profound love for SHINee's music and performance. <3

Have a good day!
About Mae
"I want to be wrapped up like this for a long time,
If we are to walk while snuggled up to each other"
Reading & Writing
As an author I've written a handful of stories. About 15 if I had to count them. But I'm that terrible author that barely ever completes a story T_T But there are a few stories I'm super set on completing! So I really hope you guys could still check out my stories if you're interested ^^

As a reader, I love reading fluff, sci-fi, fantasy, soulmate au, romcom, high school romance and basically just anything but horror and /yuri. Fluff being my favourite. The kind that makes you squeal and cringe in happiness.

But despite my profound love for fluff, I actually think that I write angst best xD I'm not too bad at writing action, sci-fi and fantasy either. But overall, I'm actually not really that great of a writer. Just that I write some genres better than other ones, haha. 

I also have a complicated love-hate relationship with sad endings. I don't think I'll ever write a sad ending, or I'd have an alternate ending. But reading a sad ending kills me inside but I don't really hate it, but I don't really love it. I love-hate it.

I used to be a reviewer and beta reader but I don't do those anymore because I've realized I'm a super picky reader xD To be honest, I hate reading and fanfics and webtoons are the only things I read, so I guess you'd understand. I really choose the things that interest me when it comes to reading.

I don't wish to score someone badly just because I didn't enjoy the story by not knowing the characters or not liking the storyline, etc.
About me
Hi! I'm Maerin~ Well, that's just a nickname. My real name is Pearl but everyone on AFF calls me Mae or Maer or Maerin. I'm also known as the derp queen or glow worm among friends. I am a 98' liner, born and raised in Malaysia. 

My hobbies are singing, dancing, learning foreign languages and writing (mostly the former two which I will talk about in the section to the right!).

I've been a dedicated Shawol since 2009 and I'm a Taemint as I mentioned in the previous section ^^ Apart from SHINee, I'm also a YG stan. I love 2NE1, BlackPink and BIGBANG.

I started out watching dramas, the first being Boys Over Flowers and from there I got into K-Pop and also more into other dramas. For example, Taiwanese, Japanese and Thai dramas. I speak, read and write semi-fluent Korean by self-learning through watching dramas and youtube.

If you'd like to check out my soundcloud, follow me on twitter, subscribed to me on youtube (though I'm not active there yet) or check out my stories, feel free to check out the links in the link bar above.
singing & dancing
I've loved singing and dancing ever since I was a child. I can't go a day without singing and dance whenever I can as well. I used to attend dance class where they would teach us K-Pop choreography and I'm actually really sad that I had to stop because of national exams. I hope to continue soon though.

As a singer, I am based on SoundCloud and I plan to branch to YouTube as soon as I brush up on my video editing skills xD I started out singing online after discovering soundcloud and the collab community on AFF. In real life, I'm a back up singer in church.

When it comes to dancing I don't have a public platform but I do like randomly dancing to music and making up choreography once in a while. I'm not great but I try always.

My inspirations as a perfomer would be Taemin, CL and Ailee. It is honestly my dream to be a performer but I refuse to be deluded and force myself to think of something more practical always. I do wish I could give my 100% towards performing but practicality is important to my family xD

Hopefully I'll be able to make dance videos for my Youtube channel next to my singing covers :)