Do you think this would turn into the cliché amnesia situation?

  • Yes - and Jaejoong will look after her
  • No - that's boring
  • Unsure at the moment - what are you upto author?

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100% Cassie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Something about me:

I have the habit to write most of my Jaejoong stories with the OC having the name Reya. Beats the hell out of me why I do it!

Favourite colour - Purple and Black

Music genre - Any genre!!! 


Asian Bands and favourite Artists that I like:

TVXQ - Changmin (love our Leader too)

JYJ - Jaejoong (love the other two too)

Shinee - Minho and Onew

SS501 - Hyung Joong and Jung Min

FTIsland - HongKi

2pm - Nickhun

And Super Junior - Eunhyuk ,Kyuhyun

I am a Zhang Yixing, Kris Wu and Huang ZiTao fan!!!!!!! (still figuring out who is who in the rest)

Farenheit - Aaron Yan

Yamaa Tomohisa, Miura Haruma



Shim Changmin is my ultimate bias, although Kim Jaejoong always messes with my head and heart!!!!!