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To Harry.... My best friend... 





We met not too long ago, you opened your heart and let me in... you opened your arms and took me in... you were yourself around me, so I was able to be myself around you. You deactivated once, but you had your reasons... when you came back, I was really happy... only to find out later on that you'll be leaving forever... you left without deactivating... January 7th 2014 was the last time I talked to you... January 10th 2014 was the time you went into your surgery... and January 11th 2014 was the last time you were able to take a breath... I loved, love and will always love you... I enjoyed talking to u... I always laughed when I was with you... even though I always called you a dummy, you never were a dummy... you were one of the smartest guys that I ever met... you were, are and will always be on my mind... I will never ever forget you... you will always be my walrus kisser *laughs softly* you were, are and always will be the center of my heart... I will lay on the grass at night, look up at the sky and wait for that promised shooting star... I will always connect our hearts, our minds, our laughs and smiles... even if you're gone on earth... you will always live in my heart... I will always keep you alive because, for me, you never died... no matter what everyone says.... you will always live with me... I will try my best to do your last requests, eat more, be happy, laugh, smile and always be myself... I will try to do all those for you Harry... I love you more than freaking much my wallrus kisser dummy best friend <3

Rest in peace Harry Qin Hei Li~ (February 24th 1997- January 11th 2014)


                                                                                                                                                                     -sincerely, Suhair





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