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Hey all! I am a Reveluv, My, and Orbit when it comes to K-pop fanfiction, but I write really for Red Velvet (main ship SeulRene). I love a lot of groups, but these are the ones that I read (and sometimes write) of. I write other fanfiction for ships such as Wayhaught, which you can read on Archive of Our Own, where I post both my K-pop fics and other fics since AFF is just where I post K-pop stories. My username for AO3 is the same as AFF. Also, if anyone would be willing to create a poster for a fic, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm in need of nice graphics.

Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to reach out on here! I also have a Curious Cat account. :)

I love talking to you guys!

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K-pop and Fanfiction Info:

The first group I ever stanned was Girls' Generation, which will forever have a place in my heart. I guess I'm drawn to SM Entertainment as far as girl groups because I am literally in love with all of Red Velvet and am a fan of f(x) and aespa. Besides Red Velvet, I've been particularly into aespa, LOONA and Itzy, of which my biases are Winter, Heejin and Yeji, respectively.

I write fanfiction for multiple fandoms and post my fics also on Archive of Our Own @sagwalli. I love writing, even though I don't get much time to, and it's so much fun to read other people's fics.