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Hello everyone. I really don't mind advertisements, but I would prefer them to be something I might be interested in. So to help you out, here is what I read:

No main OC or where the reader is "me"

These are my favorite OTPs

My favorites to listen to are: B.A.P, EXO, BTS, VIXX, TeenTop, Got7, Big Bang, ECT.

The rookies I'm into are MonstaX, Up10tion, Astro, and ikon(even though I still have to learn 3 of the members).

I hope this helps. 

About Me

Hi. My name is Halei and I'm 26 years old. I got into K-pop back in 2012. HyunA's Bubble Pop was the first MV I saw. My cousin Brock is into J-pop and I was bored one day, so I thought I would look it up on youtube. It came up in the search, so I clicked on it. I thought it was a fun video, but it didn't quite sound lke Japanese to me. I soon found out in the description that it was Korean instead. I then started clicking on the surrounding videos. I eventually found Fantastic Baby by Big Bang. I didn't know exactly what I had watched, but I knew that I wanted more. I saw that there Still Alive album was coming out on itunes soon, so I ended up creating an itunes account and Still Alive was the first Album that I bought. It all just went from there.


I should probably really thank my cousin because he is the reason I discovered K-dramas as well. One day, not too long after getting into K-pop,  I was over at his house when he somehow found Coffee Prince on youtube. We were both obssessed with drinking coffee at the time (still kinda are lol) and thought the name was cute, so he clicked on it and we started watching. Half way through the episode, I had to leave, but I looked it up myself when I got back home. After finishing the first episode, I couldn't find any more on on youtube, so I searched on google and found Viki. A few months later I also found DramaFever. Now, between the two, I've seen 141 K-dramas and counting.


Around November of 2015, I discovered SnackFever. I debated if I should get a box or not, but then in December, a youtuber I watch ordered a box. It looked like so much fun that, in January, I finally ordered one for myself. I'm very glad that I did. Now I am an active subscriber.