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Do I write a triquel? Monkey Love Fishy III- With You To The End

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Personal Message

I read a lot of fanfics, and I try to write as well ^-^

I think as a fan, it's important to love all members and embrace them with your heart. Although I have my bias list, I do love everyone because they work hard and excel to be idols.

Below is a masterlist of all the stories I am currently working on, and have written.

Monkey Love Fishy Eunhae story~ COMPLETE 

Monkey Love Fishy II - Forever and Always MLF Sequel COMPLETE

Monkey Love Fishy III - With You to the End  MLF triquel 

Is This What Love Is?  Romance between Eunhyuk and Jaslene, one of my best stories if I must say so~ [H] COMPLETE 

Caught in Between Kyuna and Henseo COMPLETE 

Eternal Maknae Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Minho, Taemin maknae battle COMPLETE

Broken Triangle Love Triangle between Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Jasmine COMPLETE 

Three Gifts to Remember Paranormal Romance with Donghae COMPLETE 

There's More to Me Than Just Chicken! Romance with Onew featuring the rest of SHINee COMPLETE

As You Leave - A Tribute A tribute to Super Junior ♥

Behind the Scenes: Eunhae Revealed Eunhae moments from Kyuhyun's point of view COMPLETE

Passion and Envy Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Jaslene [H] COMPLETE

Hot Mess Eunhyuk, Donghae, Sungmin, Kiriena [H] COMPLETE

A Thousand Tales - A Collection of One Shots and Short Stories Rated [H] only for some stories, has multiple KPop groups, pairings and OCs

You Don't Love Me, So I'll Have to Shoot You Kyuna, Seokyu, Changmin [H] not really for content, but for more mature ideas 

Quitting You Eunhae, inspired by LadyVamp [H]

Pact With the Devil Seohyun, Jaejoong, Yoona, Minho, trying out from a more medieval perspective  [H]

B.A.P. Oneshots Request, Contains Rated Scenarios  COMPLETE 

For You, My Love  Sequel to Is This What Love Is? [H] 

Infinite Oneshots Request, Contains Rated Scenarios 

Baby Steps Kris, Chanyeol, JoJo, slice of life

B.A.P Oneshots II  Request, Contains Rated Scenarios COMPLETE

Mistress of My Heart - Daehyun, Jinli (OC), Hyosung

B.A.P Oneshots III Request, Contains Rated Scenarios 

Drabble Collection:

Grease My Way Into Your Heart - Himchan Birthday special COMPLETE

Getting to Know You - Yongguk Birthday special COMPLETE


Rated Super Junior Scenarios  [H] with SHINeeSuJu15

Pieces of a Puzzle [H] with ShigaPetal 

About Me

I am extremely loyal to my groups :D

Even though I occasionally listen to other groups, I am forever an ELF at heart. Big Bang was actually my very first introduction to KPop. I listened to Super Junior M's Super Girl and liked it. But, it wasn't until ten months later that I became the crazy fangirl I am. 

My Bias List in Super Junior (warning, I have 5 of them I love, and are married to :P)

My number one used to Ryeowook because I was obsessed with SJM and only SJM in the beginning. But here's the official 5-count

1. Hyukjae

2. Kyuhyun 

3. Donghae 

4. Ryeowook 

5. Yesung

I am also a 15 Believer, not a 13+ 2 but a 15. End of story


Groups I like (am super picky, so while I like the others, these are the ones I frequently listen to)

1. Super Junior 

2. B.A.P 

3. SHINee

4. EX

5. B2ST

6. GOT7 
7 Infinite
8. Teen Top
9.  Block B
10. BToB
11. Bangtan 


What am I?

ELF, Baby, Shawol, EXOtic, B2uty, KissMe, Angel, BBC, Melody, Inspirit, ARMY


My Ranking of B.A.P

1. Daehyun

2. Yongguk

3. Jongup

4. Zelo

5. Youngjae

6. Himchan


My Ranking of SHINee

1. Jinki

2. Jonghyun

3. Minho

4. Taemin

5. Key



Bias List in EXO 

1. Jongdae


2. Kris

2. Baekhyun

3. Luhan

3. Kyungsoo


My ranking of B2ST

1. Doojoon

2. Hyunseung


4. Dongwoon

5. Kikwang

6. Yoseob


My Ranking of GOT7

1. Jackson

2. Youngjae

3. JR

4. Mark

5. BamBam

6. JB

7. Yugyeom

My Ranking of Infinite

1. Dongwoo

2. Sungyeol

3. Myungsoo

4. Hoya

5. Sunggyu

6. Sungjong

7. Woohyun

Bias List in Teen Top

1. Niel

2. Changjo

3. L. Joe 

4. Ricky

Bias List in Block B

1. Taeil

2. Kyung

3. Yukwon

4. P.O


My Ranking of BTOB

1. Eunkwang

2. Hyunsik

3. Sungjae

4. Changsub

5. Peniel

6. Minhyuk

7. Ilhoon

My Ranking of Bangtan

1. Taehyung

2. Rap Monster

3. J-Hope

4. Jimin

5. Suga

6. Jungkook

7. Jin


I have officially gone off my rocker. This is just a round up of my biases. 

They are all derps, every single one of them XD

Hyukjae, please don't ever leave me. You're always my number one~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Jinki, husband, just so much love

Daehyun, my Busan Wonbin with his amazing voice, Daefattie ♥

Kris, because you wrecked my bias list 

Doojoon, Yoon Doojoooon 

Soohyun, you amazing bellower, you amazing dancer, you amazing person.

Niel, you big frogger :D

Eunkwang, because have you listened to the man?

Dongwoo, you dino, you're so kind and I just can't with you 

Changmin, because I have to have that one troll 

Yoona ♥ ♥ ♥

Seungho, the awesome Yang leader

 Daesung, your voice 

Daegun because I love your bellows. 

Taehyung, you adorable goat :P

:D I hope you guys have fun reading my fanfics ^-^



1. ifallelsefails

2. MusicChibi

3. golferox

4. SayMyNameHyukjae

5. Goddess 

6. dbskgirl4ever

7. funnylittlefishy

and there's more


And I love my supporters ^-^

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My top 3 in KPop 


gotta love my husband ♥

tumblr_m6seuwrE2F1qhcznwo1_500.gifThat is all~ I love him derp, hot and all ♥


image My Busan Wonbin ♥



This Onew business has got to stop This child... ♥