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About Me

Hi, I'm Lyshelle.
I stan a lot of groups but the top three on my list are EXO, BIGBANG and BTS. 
I love ChenChen. I could listen to him all day and still crave for more. He sounds like an angel and hits me hard with his high notes.
Kyungsoo is my favourite character to write about, though I haven't figured out why. 
I'm a er for KaiSoo angst, BaekYeol and ChanSoo comedy. 
Give me any BTS fantasy fic and I'll probably not get out of bed till I'm done reading it. Also. I'm Sope trash.
I love pizza and my body probably consists of 75% pizza instead of whatever.(That's how much pizza I eat.)
If you wanna say something, don't be shy. I don't bite. At least not if you don't taste like pizza. :P