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sorry i'm busy right now

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Assalamualaikum / Hi all,
first of all I just want to say that I'm just signing up for asian fanfic .. (march 2014)
and never even know about this page before! i'm so outdated right.. huhu 
To all, thanks willing to add me as a friend, I hope we can give our opinions about our fanfic .. 
I'm still newbie here, and i hope for guidance :)

p/s :
-I'm poor in english .. sorry,,hehe 

-maybe will post fanfic (malay version)
-hope enjoy reading it 
-thanks for your time

kepada semua yang baca about me kat wall saya ni , saya berharap awak semua sudi bantu saya :)
andai ada salah apa2 silalah tegur (PM) saya ^_^

please enjoy my fanfic and my blog