I have 4 different Jongyu stories in my draft. Which one would you like to see me finish first?

  • Retired!Pirate Jinki x Priest!Jonghyun. Fantasy au.
  • Assistant!Jinki x Boss! Jonghyun. Office au.
  • Alpha!Jinki x Omega!Jonghyun. Wolfpack au.
  • Senior!Jinki x Junior! Jonghyun. College au.

Personal Message

I aim to write at least 21 Jongyu stories in 2021. Let's goooooooooo!!!

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A side account of one of the members in this site. 

Add me first as friend if you want to read my stories.

Only accepted people could read my stories because I'm afraid my stories will have so much sensitive trigger warnings.

My stories could include trigger warning such as: non-con, dub-con, , and etc. 

Don't add me if you feel uncomfortable in reading such stories. But if you're okay with that kind of stories feel free to add me. 

If you're adding me then that means you're okay with the content I've provided.


I will put trigger warnings at the foreword of my fictions, so you could prepare on what will happen at the story.


I don't accept silent reader, sorry.