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About Me

Want some informations about me? 


My real name's Celia and I'm 21. I live in France, so English isn't my mother tongue but I keep learning it by writing and reading fanfictions.

I'm a Shawol for 6 years, I discovered SHINee when they released Sherlock and never left. I'm a Locket, Kibum is the only man I trust ; yet I have a huge space for each member in my small heart, I love the five of them.

I write stories since the day I learned how to use a word processing program, but it's thanks to SHINee I discovered fanfictions and started writing some a few years ago. They're my first inspiration and I think — I'm sure — they'll be forever. 

I mostly write about JongKey, they're my ultimate ship ; but I'm also into MinKey and OnKey, so be prepared to also read some here.

Warning? I write s.


I think it's enough infos, right? See you soon on my stories.