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Which fanfics do you want me to publish first ?

  • I Hate You, I Love You (Song Jihyo x BTS Kim Taehyung)
  • Borders (Song Jihyo x BTS Jeon Jungkook)
  • Against The Norm (Song Jihyo x VIXX Leo)
  • ODD (You x BTS Kim Taehyung)

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Personal Message

An avid fan of Song Jihyo coz I think she's so sweet. If she's a guy I would totally want to date her and make her as my hubby (LOL) I do like other actresses and idols but as for now, none has surpass my love towards Jihyo unnie (GEE CRINGE)

Some of my completed works:


I have a few on going fanfics and about two or three upcoming fanfics.

My upcoming fanfics:


A continuation from a one shot that I paired Song Jihyo with BTS Jeon Jungkook. They started to meet in dreams, and somehow, their fate is actually destined a long time ago.



A fanfic which is supposed to be starring an OC x BTS Kim Taehyung but I decided to change the female lead to Song Jihyo. It's about a girl name Jung Nabi (Song Jihyo) who suddenly inherits her grandmother's superpower. Kim Taehyung is one of those who inherits the power from his grandparents too.


And that's it, I guess. After finishing these two last fanfics, I'll be retiring (unless, I have more exciting ideas coming up in my dreams, and if people still want to read my fanfics :))


About Me

My nickname is echa. That's what people call me.

I was born on 14th January 1995(the same with Kai's birthday)

I am currently waiting for love calls from any uni to continue my study 

I'm the type of person who isn't really intersted in people coz I like to sleep and writing fanfic more. ( my younger sister even said that I don't have a life)

I rarely talk to guys. Actually not just guys. Even to girls but especially guys.(coz I'm shy and I kind of have this unprotective feelings towards guys)

I am the first children from 7 siblings (Yeah. Hard life. But it's fun!)

155cm tall and 42kg weight.

I am a big big big fan of Song Ji Hyo(coz I think I have a similar character with her)

I consider myself as a multifan coz I listen to lots of groups, mostly boy group. But I have to admit I have a weird thing for BTS. Not an ARMY though but I love the boys ^^ if I have to choose a bias, that would be V aka Kim Taehyung XD

I am a girl, obviously.

That's some little things about me. Thank you :)