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Once again the world has proven anything you can do, I can do better.

- Blair Waldorf



About Me

Hey Cutiepies!

I'm HannaxSweetheart. 

Few thing about me so you can understand why I am so freaking crazy. I wasn't born this way! I swear!

Hobbies: Running, Dancing (even though i probably look like a nutcase while doing so), Drawing, SHOPPING keke, eating... (sssht, keep it a secret), watching horror movies (Yes I am totally addicted. SUE ME OKAY).

Favorite TV series: Love rain, PLL, teenwolf, NCIS la, Grey's anatomy, stitchers, scream. 

favorite movies: the mazerunner (watched it a few weeks back. so good! GO MINHO!), the hunger games series, harry potter series (can you see the pattern here), mortal instruments and every freaking horror movie on this world man!

Favorite color: PINKPINKPINK

Favorite food: really? I have to pick one thing?! NO I WON'T

Favorite K-pop group: SNSD (Sone all the way my friend and a certified YoonAddict). i also lowkey like BTS, seventeen (only for mansae), BigBang, RedVelvet.


Honestly I don't have anything else to say. HOW MUCH DO YOU GUYS WANT TO KNOW.



I like writing stories and most of the times I update them late TT shame on me...

Thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing and upvoting!

twitter: Hannaflowerrie