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If you read this, please check these out!!

1. Hopefully Sky

2. Audition

3. Tomorrow

4. Stay with Me

5. Alley

6. Don't Leave Me

Hope you enjoy my one-shots!! Err.. Except Don't Leave Me because this is my first chaptered fic.


Ps : I have an account on Wattpad under similar username and I write similar stories here and there. However, I prefer Asianfanfics more.

Pss: you can dm me anytime you want. If you want someone to vent around, I'm here. As busy as I am, I will always come here everyday so I'm available for you ^^

About Me


The actual reason for creating this acc is just for reading fanfics.

Have intention to write stories but lack of writing skill (and it's decreasing now ㅠㅠ)

Wish luck for other authors.

Ngee~~ :3