About Me


 born and raised in the Philippines

fell from heaven on the 23rd of January, 1995

been breathing for 17 years now

a freshman in college and taking up Bachelor of Science In Accountancy

a pure-blooded Filipina with a bit of Spanish blood


i like sweets, esp. CHOCOLATES! I love to cook but I at cooking. OTL I only know how to cook simple things like NOODLES! lol.  I'm a lazyass, I mean WAS a lazyass. I changed since I'm already in college and I need to act mature so that my mom wouldn't always nag at me. :) I'm a good girl. ;D I tend to be talkative to people I'm close with.. personally. :) I love to dance. I guess I could consider myself a professional dancer since its my passion. /bricked. WHO NEEDS A MEMBER THERE? I'D BE SO GLAD TO JOIN. lol. I'm a nerd coz I wear glasses. 8D jks. I just study and read books to pass and learn, that's all.

so yea.. I guess I'm talking too much here (told ya I'm talkative. :p) I'd better introduce you to my


I soo love that guys up there. ever since they've debuted, they've captured my eyes and ears and never failed to amaze me. I love how they can be so serious at performing but make it seem like they're having fun and not being like they're just forced out of money. you can see in them that they wanted to dance, to sing, perform infront of the crowd and do fanservices for fans (like me. :D). and not to mention; FUNNY! these guys make me laugh nonstop!

they're perfect (for me). <3