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what genre should i attempt for a chaptered taekook fic?

  • fantasy (the more mystical and mysterious, the better)
  • royalty (obviously we need hierarchies and )
  • school fics!! :D
  • canon verses are interesting..

About Me

about me
anyeonghaseyo chingus  this is dolce-peach here
whether you're into my stories or just want to make friends, welcome to my madness of an account.  here you can find mostly bts stories and the occasional exo fic (tho i mostly write BTS -- army for life!) 
obviously, i'm in love with 7 dorks, and have been since their "skool luv affair" era.  although i'm mostly bts biased, i also love myself some red velvet, occasional exo, ailee, big bang...the list kinda goes on haha.  don't let this stop you from sending me a message -- convert me to your fandom if you dare :)
i've been writing on aff for nearly 4 years now, and honestly this has become my second home, a place where i can put my thoughts without being judged.  i hope you guys like my stories!
est july 29, 14
does that make me crazy if i like 7 idiots?
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chaptered stories
juno (taehyung/oc) -- ongoing
scandal of the century (baekchen) -- complete
noona, i love you (jungkook/oc)
the blood queen (taehyung/oc)
aperture (taekook)
my cup of tea (taekook)
too hot for his own good (taekook feat jimin) -- complete
kissed by a rose (taekook) -- complete
black out (BTS OT7)
sinless (hunhan)
oneshots -- completed
royals (yoonmin)
Fade (yoonmin)
peachy (yoonmin)
rose gold (taekook)
jimin's revenge: jungkook edition (taekook, forced jikook)
heartbroken (hunhan)
sweetest bells (chanbaek)
btw if you guys have any requests (preferably bts), then feel free to pm me :)