Do you guys want me to include more scene inside of my story in the future?

  • Yes! Obviously I would love that!
  • No please.
  • I am okay with anything as long as there is Baekhyun there!

Personal Message

Hello Everyone~ Thanks for visiting my profile. Before I become an author in AFF, I was just a reader who loves to read EunHae and WonKyu. But I stumbled to a lot of unfinished stories where the authors just abandon the story. I also found some stories that are really great, but the authors update the story for like once in a month. So, I decided to become an author myself and tries to update as much as I can. 

After for like five years, I now know how hard for an author to update, they need to sacrifice their times and everything. And finally, it is my turn to stop writing. I am quitting because I will enter the working world which I believe I can't commit to writing anymore.

While writing, I really enjoyed it. I become close with my readers and I believe that a lot of them love my stories. 

If you guys come here after reading my story, I just would like to say thank you and I hope you guys enjoy reading my story.

Thank you. *DEEP BOW*

About Me

About Dark_Caramel… Why Dark? Why Caramel? Okay, Dark is referring to my boyfriend who has a tan skin. Well, it is weird if I name as Tan_Caramel, so I wrote is as dark. Caramel? Well, I like Caramel. I love Caramel Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Caramel Candy and everything with Caramel. Actually, my boyfriend does not like caramel at first, but since I love it, he starts to like caramel too. But, if we went to Starbuck, he will usually order Americano and something like that while I always order Caramel Macchiato.

About me… mmm… There is nothing much special about me. Previously, I am someone who is quiet and kind of introvert. I also always got bullied and my own best friend stole my ex-boyfriend from me. What hurt me the most is, I caught them kissing in my own house… They are so cruel… The cruelest part is, they blame me for their cheating. What the ?

But, I am happy now. When I continue my study in the level of Bachelor, I change a bit and become more confidence with myself. I start to talk with people and I become so cheerful that make me gain more friends. Thanks to my boyfriend who lead me out from my dark corner to this light and beautiful life.

About my boyfriend… Well, he is just a clingy, quite jealous, kind of and naughty and hot handsome guy. He is a year younger than me, but he is taller than me. He hit the gym for me since he feels threatened that I always watch Kpop idols that have the hot body. I don’t like gym though, but I always accompany him to the gym and see his workout.

Why I put my boyfriend’s name and me as the username, it is because, he is like my assistant who always listen to my ideas and he gives his idea too and we sometime write the draft together. Before I post new chapter, he will read it through and kind of give opinion and tell me what should I add to make the story become more interesting.

Then… what else? Well, I guess that is for now. I hope you guys will continue to support me in the future… Thank you, love you!