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if your viewing this, it means you've read one of my fanfics!...right? right?! hehe,

anyways, hi! *again* *bow*

i'm me! haha, writing is only one of my hobby,

writing, for me is like solving a puzzle, putting the pieces together, *the words are floating inside my head, and i just put them together in sentences, haha*...well, it happens kinda like that, i think, XD hahaha

well! enough with the crazy talk!

i  made my stories with 'fun' and 'romance' in mind, i hope they made you feel like that? a bit?....just a little bit? tiny tiny bit?

hehe, a little stubborn there, tehee

so, yeah, *i'm running out of things to say right now, haha*,

Ahm...enjoy reading!

Sorry in advance if i did not meet your expectations. Miane.


Kamsa! Gomawayo! for reading/ subscribing/ commenting/ suggesting and everything in between! hehehe.

saranghaja!!!! <3 <3 <3


About Me

hmm, about me....

what should i write...?

should i start to tell you that I L.O.V.E EXO?

xoxoxoxoxoxolove, love!, love them! heha

yup, i do! just like that.haha. *you don't want me to write why, coz i'll write you a novel why, i'm restraining myself here* hihi













*obviously, if you've read my fics,kekeke*





*its magic with this two! Ughhh! say its official already!*





*this otp is H.O.T.*



and i also love ancient Egypt, <3 fascinated by its mysteries, to----------tally, X3 KING TUT!

i also love movies, action with a twist of comedy and romance, mostly,

especially THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!!! *arrgghh!*

hehe, and i spell pirate like this: J.A.C.K.S.P.A.R.R.O.W.


If you want to say Hi! => galaxy_fanhan007 <3 <3 <3