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Which of these male idols do you like the most?

  • Leo (VIXX)
  • Jinyoung (B1A4)
  • Mark (GOT7)
  • Kihyun (Monsta X)
  • Ten (NCT)
  • Woozi (Seventeen)
  • Jinhong (24K)
  • Moonbin (ASTRO)

About Me

Name: Secret

Age: Secret

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Nationality: Vietnamese

- likes reading books, manga; chocolate, biscuits and cookies, bubble gum, cookie, coconut and yogurt ice cream; swimming

- writes stories for fun

- listens to almost every type of music including K-pop and Japanese music

- adores butterflies, teddy bears, and other cute stuff

-but also into peculiar things such as the intersection of Pacific and Atlantic ocean

- studies in university




Inspirit l Exo-L (Exotic) l Starlight l Bana l IGOT7 l Toppklass l Elf l A.R.M.Y l BBCL.O.Λ.E l Kiss Me I Royal Treasure I Mercury I Triple S I Angel I Carat I Wonderful I Once I I.O.I fan I MooMoo I NCTzen I Mon Bebe I 24U I AROHA I Buddy I Red Velvet fan I Pristin fan I Dan-jjak I Lovelinus I The Boys fan



Produce 101 Season 2


My favorites!!!

1. Lee Gunmin(<3) /my bundle of joy, extremely underrated, unfortunately eliminated T_T/

2. Park Jihoon /Wink Boy ^_^/

3. Kwon Hyeop /also eliminated, he was such a cutie and a good dancer :'(/

4. and 5. Justin and Woo Jinyoung /can't choose who in which place, both are cute as f?!/

6. Yoo Seonho /his mesmerizing eyes :O/

7. Kang Daniel /God!!!/



To The Edge Of The Sky! The game I hope gets popular as much as BTS themselves!!!