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About Me

hello, sweetheart.
description He was clouding up my mind.
His kisses, his touches, his scent made me addicted.
Yet, he said these were for practice.
description Two years after the bitter split, she found herself in front of the man she once walked away from. She didn't know if it was a good thing to work with the person who is the source of her serotonin but also the cause of her pain.
description He had his hand wrapped around , giving a little pressure on his delicate fingers. He smirked into her skin when he felt the sensation of her heat as she worked on her hips. He leaned in, his tongue slowly glazing her skin from her jaw up to the corner of her eyes, following the stain of her tears. “I told you, didn’t I? It’s Daddy for you, kitten.”
description Running away from the city,she sought help from the oldie. Was introduced to the hottie, then he said she should go back and get out of her fantasy.

Stomping angrily, she swore that she would cut off his weenie. He scoffed, saying 'Yes, Your Majesty. But only if you survive this summer, then we will see.'