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bei     1 / 31 / 97     graphic designer   otaku      仙薇

aye, i'm a 4th yr college student taking up tourism, given that, i'd be busy again soon, but i still find time to design, because i really enjoy doing it-- even tho i'm like, really lazy. emphasize on the word lazy, yes. i write stories too, but i don't have much time to do so these days, and if i were to choose between designing and writing, i'd say i'd rather design gah, sorry folks, but it doesn't mean i'd stop writing, i don't think i'd permanently stop ya kno.

i love anime, if that isn't obvious enough. recently tho, i enjoy watching sports anime more than fantasy/action themed which is what i usually go for. my favorites at the moment are haikyuu, days and yowamushi pedal. my favorite character from haikyuu is bokuto (ahhh, most precious baby leader yup) and from days, i'm torn between ooshiba and tsukamoto tbh. tsukamoto is a natural airhead, it's both annoying and cute but then ooshiba is the same?? just that he's leaning more on being narcissistic, which i don't really mind because it adds color to his character lmao. and ahhh yowamushi pedal, of course, my favorite is midousuji akira ajfe i don't even know where to start with this guy. he's gross, creepy and-- actually he's the creepiest character i've ever seen, i mean to the point that i was slightly bothered in some episodes, but maybe that's the reason why i love him??? but seriously, no matter how 'dark' he is now, his backstory never fails to brokoro my kokoro every time i watch aahh (also i really love onoda, he's so precious gah such a cinnamon roll, must protect).


i also enjoy reading manga, but i only read /shounen-ai (oops, wait, i also read a few other genres but mostly shounen or sports related eh) my top three are katekyo! hidoku shinaide and kawaii akuma, but then there's 19 days and escape journey, ahh the angst, i love it hAH. 


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