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Are you guys happy for me to start another Daragon fanfic before I finish ETWTTS?

  • Yes, I don't mind! Just make sure you keep updating ETWTTS too!
  • It's up to you ^^
  • No! Finish ETWTTS first, then start a new fanfic!

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Annyeon Yeoruben! ^^

I'm a huge fan of K-Pop but I am mainly a VIP, Black Jack, Shawol and Exo Fan! [On the verge of becoming an Inspirit too! >__<]

My all time male bias is.... *drum roll* The one and only Kwon Jiyong aka G-Dragon!

Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby, GD, GD Baby Baby xD

My all time female bias is... *drum roll* Lee Chaerin, aka CL - The Baddest Female

I'm CL the one and only Baddest Female

Despite this, I'm a Hardcore Appler! My OTP couple being Daragon [Nyongdal]

I enjoy reading 2NE1xBIGBANG fanfics, leading me to also ship...

Alien Couple [TOPBOM]

RiRin [SeungrixChaerin]

Daezy [DaesungxMinzy]

Taeyang x ...?  Forever alone?!

I Need a Girl...

Only Kidding! I'll find someone for you Bae! :D

Nice to meet you all! Bit of a noob writer right now, and I'd really appreciate any comments on how I can improve! :)

Hope you guys will support me!

~Water Phoenix


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If anybody is looking for a Beta Reader/Proof Reader, I'd be more than happy to help! ^^