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So, I’d like to work on re-releasing all my stories once more but in a more manageable way. Which set should I re-release first?


    SNSD one-shot request fulfillments in which a certain Mushroom gives Shy!Sica her first ever massage, Kid!SeoTae sisters take care of each other, parents-to-be TaeNy reminisce, Artist!Sunny meets Alien?Taeyeon, a “make JungSis fluffy” request gets taken literally and results in Kittens!JeKry, Shy!Sica comes back for more from the mushroom, TaengSic wake with their babies YoonStal, Corporate!YulSic get cozy in the office, Tiffany adopts the Kittens!JeKry, and RealWorld!SunYeon reconnect on Christmas Eve.

    What Christmas Is All About
    Welcome to a KPOP Christmas collection. Requests are now open!

    Just Kid Stuff
    A fluffy collection in which KPOPpies are little children across different universes. Herein are such kids as heart-linked JeTi; odd triplets YoonYulHyun; toddler TaeNy;  buddy SunSica; neighborhood dorks SuperJunior, SNSD, and f(x); and supernatural SNSD among other characters.

    Just Kid Stuff, Deep End
    Herein lie childhood-AU SNSD stories of the darker variety. Come here to read about little TaeNy growing up in North Korea, orphans TaengSic being raised in a Catholic orphanage, abandoned Yoona finding a true friend, sisters SooFany adopting a genetically-enhanced JessiCat pet, and more.

    Just Kid Stuff:
    Herein are childhood-AU SNSD stories of the mixed variety. No, there’s no romance here, ya nasties. LOL It’s mostly fluff with some angst and all SoShiBond. Duh :P Thus far, we have: Scrooge!Jessica and Cute/AnnoyingKid!Tiffany exploring Christmas together, SillyToddler!Tiffany and her beloved nanny Taeyeon, ClairvoyantKid!Seohyun freaking out JeTi, and much more!

    ’Cuz It’s Her Birthday
    Since Jessica REALLY wants to remind us that it’s her birthday and for us to do stuff for her, here is my part ...kinda. XD (+ Same for Sunny and Yoona)
    Jeong (SoShiBond Story 1 of 9)
    An exploration of how SoShiBond formed pre- and early debut in 250-word drabbles.

    Assignments from Unnie (SoShiBond Story 2 of 9)
    OT9 fills out fun questionnaires together as a solid, cohesive group. Get the answers to such questions as “What do you like and dislike about each member?” and see what the Girls have to say about each others’ responses. Experience SoShiBond at its prime.

    Never Learn (SoShiBond Story 3 of 9)
    This story explores the split, with both Jessica and the others being a little at fault and a lot at loss, where SoShiBond was never not real. What if Jessica told the truth as best she knew it, but the rest of SNSD was not totally in the wrong?

    SoShi in Shenzhen, the End of September (SoShiBond Story 4 of 9)
    Though the song could very well apply to their situation with Jessica, and all the girls sung with all their hearts, it was not for her. They lent strength they didn’t have to each other until the air filled with their power.

    Set Me Free/ You Are So Far (SoShiBond Story 5 of 9)
    Jessica tries to move on from her time with SoNyeo ShiDae, set to music. The rest of the Girls do the same.

    Antipodal (SoShiBond Story 6 of 9)
    What might have happened if things had worked out differently for SNSD, and they had remained OT9 forever? How could things go so wrong?

    Jeshika e Pyeonji (SoShiBond Story 7 of 9)
    Anxiety, guilt, anger, sadness, SONE is not alone in feeling these things after the loss of Jessica from SNSD. Manager-unnie decides to give the Girls a final assignment to help them come to terms with the loss, and maybe help OT9 move toward reconciliation. Will she and SNSD be successful?

    From One Girl to the Others (SoShiBond Story 8 of 9)
    How does the recipient respond to the “Letters to Jessica”?

    Girls’ Regeneration (SoShiBond Story 9 of 9)
    Done writing letters, SNSD and Jessica move on up in technology and send IMs to each other. They also regroup in other, secret ways.  

    Scattered (Unofficial SoShiBond Story 10 of 9)
    SoShiBond might change, but it won’t break. No matter what.
    Brighten (Puppy Love)
    Jessica Jung happens upon a puppy and brings her inside. It really wasn’t supposed to be that life-changing. And the puppy wasn’t supposed to change either. But Sunny did, bringing new light into the lives of the people whom she brought together.   

    Puppy Love and the Storm Above
    In dual but irrevocably connected worlds where children are sacrificed all too often, will the few survivors of the latest generation accept the destiny laid out before them or walk away from it? Will they save their worlds, end them, or build new ones?

    PLatSA2: Resurrect
    Original ending in which our heroes storm the Guardian Guild, but some may have to lay down their lives to save their friends.

    PLatSA2: Invasion
    Plot-twist ending in which demonic possessions and soul-swapping run amuck and almost no one can be trusted.
    Hurt Enough to Heal (Enough Story 1 of 3)
    Taeyeon was the medicine Jessica took grudgingly; Jessica was the poison Taeyeon drank desperately.  Yul watched them burn, wishing he was the one on fire, while Seohyun huddled in the icy darkness and Tiffany brought about the end of the world.

    Sick Enough to Shine (Enough Story 2 of 3)
    The sequel to HETH in which madness repeats, healing is undone, and tragedy strikes again, it is the story of a fireball that came from an ice queen. Yes, this is the story of Tiffany.

    Weak Enough to Move Mountains (Enough Story 3 of 3)
    With Tiffany on death row for what she’s done and Taeyeon all but going to pieces in response, it’s up to Seohyun to carry everyone to redemption before it’s too late. But she’s never believed in herself... Will anyone else?  
    WaR1: Want and Resent
    Jessica meets a little girl who steals her heart but wants nothing to do with her. For, she looks too much like someone Yoona used to know, someone Yoona is trying desperately to forget. Yoona’s daddy steps into the picture and further complicates things; Yul too is drawn to Jessica but afraid to love again. Jessica’s own damaging experiences with love only make things worse. Is there any hope for YoonYulSic to come together?

    WaR2: Phoenix
    The sequel to Want and Resent, this is Jessica’s backstory of her troubles with love and how she heals from it.  

    WaR3: Plunge
    Just when Jessica and friends think that they have overcome all of her past traumas, more hidden scars come to light and poison not only her mind but her body as well. And what is done in retaliation for them might hold even greater consequences. More than ever, her past puts her future in jeopardy. It’s not just hers, either.

    WaR4: Coming Together
    All the refortified pieces fall into place, and families are formed with and without blood connections.

    WaR5: Retreat
    Jessica, Yoona, and Yul go up into the mountains to visit his parents for spring break. Many surprises wait for the family there.

    WaR6: Umbra
    Jessica and Yoona face down the last of their demons with the help of their loved ones.

    WaR7: Bliss
    YulSic’s happily ever after with Little Yoona and other babies. TaeNy, their twins, HyoSooSeo, SunByung, and KryBer and their kids also join in on the fun.
    Cat and Mouse
    mistress Jessica Jung finally gets her very own slave, one whom she calls ’little mouse’ and toys with like the cat she is. 

    When things start to sour unacceptably between Jessica and Taeyeon, Tiffany decides that something needs to be done about it; Taeyeon needs to be punished. But what if Jessica decides that TaeNy could both use a little punishment? Who’s really on top here? Hmm...

    Abasement in a Basement
    Genderbendered Yuri loses his wife and is left to raise their devastated young daughter alone. Then he sees her, a perfect angel in human form, and knows she's the answer to all his prayers. Thus, he has his stepbrother Taeyeon kidnap Jessica that night.
    No Child of Mine
    The Royal couples remember their childhood together while wondering what will become of their future. Will history repeat itself when a budding puppy love develops between little YoonHyun? Or will tiny home-wreckers follow in the footsteps of their interfering mother and get in the way?

    The Angels and the Demon
    College AU in which SNSD are international students in the US, living with a roommate who is new to the group. As she learns about them she envisions a bedtime story in which each of her new friends is the angel of a weather type.

    The Exchangers of Life
    Whole being tensed against the pain, Taeyeon doesn’t open to scream nor gasp. She blacks out in seconds. Tiffany doesn’t let her hit the floor.

    But I Wouldn’t Count On It
    Lonely, mistreated Sooyoung lives a dark life without a friend. Then she meets someone who meets her where she’s at and likes her as she is. Lena brings Sooyoung into another world but might not be able to escape her own.

    Haunted House
    Police Detective Kim Hyoyeon is sent out on location to investigate a man’s disappearance. The villagers say that he was eaten by the abandoned, haunted house at the end of the lane. Of course. Hyoyeon rolls her eyes.

    Before You Became the Reason
    “Fans” just won’t leave OT9 alone... What happens when Jessica can’t handle them anymore? Can’t handle the milestone anniversary that started with nine but ended with one? And where does that leave Taeyeon?

    For Every Time I Still Wished You Were With Me
    The worst happens to Tao, and Kris is left to pick up the pieces... He won't speak, can't speak, and won't write. He moves through life on auto-pilot until the ceremony where he is asked a jarring question. What is Kris's answer?

    The Lifeline for Lonely Hearts/Hidden Message
    So, what if Jonghyun wasn’t only depressed? What if his friends found a way to get him out of everything that was destroying him by destroying his identity? Read more to find out how Jonghyun could have escaped this life without ending his.
    It all started with a secret app for KPOP idols suffering from mental illness, the support group that they form for each other...
    A children’s bedtime story about a lovely queen who faces insurgency from the most unexpected places! (Only 270 words. It’s fun! :D)

    Jessica Jung, William Chan, the VIP card, Banana Gun, and TicTacs
    Jessica’s first movie in pictures, cracksubs, and hashtags by yours truly (SUPER easy read of only 174 words.)

    The Frolicking Houdi-Fany, Mushroom Master of Distraction
    With such an effervescent spirit on the loose and causing mayhem, SNSD is charged with quite literally catching smoke. Can they come together before the curtain closes on them? Well, they’ll certainly try...  (Easy read, only 632 words. You know you want to. :P)

  9. OTHER 
    Ploys and Exploitation
    One SoShi attacks and uses another, uncovering her dark secrets and revealing her own. They’re not the only ones trapped in the web that they spin but end up as flies to a beast, caught in their own silken net of deceit and pain. Can YoonSic break free?

    Ploys and Exploitation: Alternate and Extra Chapters
    Additions to the main story, chapters here come from my own ideas and commenters’ requests. They are in order of writing so reading them straight through will make no sense. Follow the links here and back.

    Tempt and Redemption
    The sequel to Ploys and Exploitation, this story answers the questions: What happens after everything shatters? What healing and reconciliation are in store? Is any?

    Impossible Vs. Indomitable
    Jessica Jung could not be impressed, confessed to, or intimidated. Enter Tiffany Hwang who could not be overcome, discouraged, or defeated. 

    The previously deleted scenes from Impossible Vs. Indomitable, this is the answer to what happens when those two clash—things just get hotter from there.

    Continuation of Impossible Vs. Indomitable.

    Cross Our Heart
    This is a JeTi collection of fluffy, childhood vignettes in which they share a heart in every way but physically. Quite a bit of JungSis and a little JungLi ninja their way in too, though. :) 

    Love Set Free (Cross Our Heart 2)
    Our JeTi, who share a heart in every way but physically, go through high school together.

    The Keeper of My Heart and Soul
    Sooyoung decides to adopt a seemingly unlovable GenEn, genetically engineered, cat-girl. Everyone cautions her against it, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Read along as her patient love carries Jessica into a life beyond a GenEn’s wildest dreams.  

    The Keeper of My Heart and Soul 2
    A trio of GenEn ferret-children and a HedgehogHyo burst into the lives of JessiCat, PupYeon, their respective keepers SooFany, and their friend Sunny to steal the very hearts and souls that our main quartet so recently gave each other.

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