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you're just a sad song with nothing to say
I'm just a little nobody with a dream. A dream many dream, many want to achieve. Some see it as a joke, people laugh, don't take it serious. Who would want that nobody 19 year old Austrian girl anyway, right? Which company in their right mind would willingly take me in, waste their money on training me, let me debut in a group. Me. A non Asian girl. A nobody. I still think like that, that I'm worthless, talentless, that I should give up. That I should die. But everytime I go to concerts, every time I see those people who trained so hard to be where they are now, singing and dancing their souls out, I just KNOW that this is what I wanna do, what I HAVE to do. I don't want to be an idol for the money, the fame, for the chance to meet oppa, no. I do not care about any of that. I only want to give back what Kpop gave me: belief, confidence, love and a future. I want to help all those struggling with themselves like I do with the music that helps me overcoming fears and depression. Just that, and nothing more. That is, why I want to be an idol. To give back, to help, to share music and passion.