crowdfunding is complicated can I use (buy me a coffee) - a tip service instead is it even allowed

  • It's okay to use buy me a coffee link it's allowed - I know the rules of Aff
  • It's not okay to use by me a coffee link- not allowed- I know rules on AFF
  • Don't know the rules but I think it's okay
  • Don't know the rules but I don't think it's okay

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Personal Message

Hello fellow writers and readers I look forward to meeting you all writing some interesting fanfiction that hopefully meets your approval. I will try to do my best I'm open to everyone's opinions and help if they would like to give it. I look forward to making a lot of fans for my writing and hopefully entertaining you all, feel free to post on my wall and get to know me because I would like to get to know you.

I hope you enjoy Luhan's Queen

About Me

When it comes to me I am a humongous EXO fan as well as SHINee and BAP in addition to other groups and individual members of other groups. I've recently found I have a liking of BTS.

In other news is my favorite artist is Luhan but since he's left the group of EXO I am still a fan though my bias in EXO has changed and sways more strongly towards Baekhyun. Currently I am Baekhyun bias and obsessed I would really like to go to a concert to see all the members but I think I'll be super excited to see Baekhyun , it is my greatest wish to participate in a fan signing I would be able to see him from up close knowing me I will probably faint LOL.

I'm a super friendly person
I'm slightly adventurous
have an interest in learning Korean culture and language.
My dream so far as to visit South Korea and one day possibly live there for some time.
I love to write even though I'm not the best writer, I enjoy writing as it is great to know you enjoy reading simply letting our imaginations run wild seeing what everyone comes up with not just myself is always a great reward of inspiration. 

remember where you were when Jonghyun died in 12 /17/ 2018 god rest his soul