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Personal Message

HEEYYY!! I am a writer, with the imagination as big as my love for big bang, I LOOVVVEEE it when people read my stories!! I also LOOOVVVEEE Kpop I mean who doesn't! *weak laugh* ANYWAY!!! I would like to know if im lacking something...or I am doing VERY WELL!! I WILL DO MY BEST TO AS A WRITER!! Thank you!!

About Me

I am 13 and i love everything K-pop. I am bias to sad,romantic, Big bang fanfics and I LOVE EVERYTHING TOP!! Also here is a QUOTE! If what I am is what's in me Then I'll stay strong That's who I'll be And I will always be the best Me that I can be There's only one me I am it Have a dream I'll follow it It's up to me to try