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  • Finishing The Fall "Are We Allowed"
  • Making the last part to Carpe Diem
  • Writing the Mitzu three-shots
  • Making flashfics every time I have a good story idea and post them
  • Accepting requests to get more motivation

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My name is M. Aubert, but you can call me Josquin or Josh. I'm an aspiring writer and I write fanfiction to improve my skills and surpass my writer's block. 


I write Fanfiction and Literary Fiction, and basically anything that crosses my mind. In a dull and painful world, it's necessary to find a way to escape even though it's just for a couple of hours. I write about things my friends or I have experienced; all my stories are based on things people really went through so that they can truly be relatable.

Business, politics, art, are my favourite worlds, worlds that I know very well or just well enough for writing about it. My favorite themes are: Heavy-responsibility worlds, forbidden love, LGBTQ+ characters, noble families, geniuses, France, Europe, Asia...


Please join me on this huge adventure of writing. Don't restrain from messaging me or emailing me for anything you want to talk about. Apparently, I'm a good listener and a good life-advisor. XD


[email protected]


@ studiovoyagyriam



I'm a French girl born in Chile in something you could call an "elite" family, not in the I-have-money-and-power kind but more like cultured, I guess. 
My passion has always been writing. I'll probably study business though. My dream is to found a publishing company and an Editor's House and create some libraries-cafe. D'you know where people can read and drink tea or coffee? That.


I hope I'll see you soon reading my stories :)