About Me

welcome to my profile!!


my name's juri but i also answer to riki, riri, jiji, juju, and baby gee..

some things to know about me:

-u may advertise ur story or another user’s story on my wall but please no rps..

-u may subscribe and unsubscribe to my stories whenever u want, it is kind of like checking out a book before u rent or buy it, like when u look at the cover, the back cover, the front and back flaps, even the first few pages or the last few pages before deciding u really want to read it, which is alright with me.. just don’t subscribe, comment, and leave.. that is more annoying to me than anything else in the world.. so please don’t do that or u will be blocked!!

-feel free to add me as a friend if u want u can message me first.. but if u r full of drama and like to stir that up, don’t friend me.. i hate it..

-some of my really close friends in real life call me soju because of my addition to said drink lols..

-i am not the best writer out there, but i am doing my best, plus i just write for fun so no pressure at all..

-and oh!! i love all types of food but my most favorite r: spicy rice cakes, kimbap, bulgogi, and jajangmyeon!!

-my biases: sehun, suho, chanyeol, xiumin, and chen!!

 love life?? status: single | taken | married | tooinlovewithexotocare

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note: more will be added once published.. yes i know some are inaccessible as of right now because they are still drafted but they will be published soon and some are just photos as stand ins until i get an official poster or idea..