About Me

Hey everyone, I'm Sarah.

I'm primarily a(n) ARMY, Shawol, and Starlight, but I do love many more groups.

I write for a blog called B2stsns on Tumblr with a girl named Luiza, my things are linked to my profile if you are interested. I am more than happy to take your requests, but please send them to me there. 

I write a lot more than just Kppop scenarios, and if you are interested in reading my work, feel free to ask me for some links.

BTS, SHINee, and Vixx complete my Holy Trinity. Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, and Huang Zitao have ruined me.

My favorite girl group is Girl's Day and AOA.

I also am a fan of Kdrama. My favorite is It's Okay, That's Love.



You can find my personal blog at http://www.pretenditwasjustadream.tumblr.com