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Finished 6 stories so far - 4 one shots and 2 chaptered fics =)

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I'm Sunny, 33 year old crazy Serbian girl/lady/ahjumma lol... in love with kpop/kdramas/kmovies/Korea in general (but also Japan) for 12 years already. I've been writing for 11 years (but I had a 7 years long break) - focusing on fanfiction - but mostly PG13.... I hope you'll enjoy my stories!!!!

I'm a huge fan of DBSK - and a member of Phoenix, Unofficial European DBSK Fanclub. AKTF!!!!

Also a fan of SHINee, FT Island, Monsta X, BTS, BAP, Pentagon, Shinhwa, B2ST/Highlight, Infinite, VIXX, Day6, BTOB, Block B, Epik High, Drunken Tiger....... and many many more... Trully a kpop freak hehe... and proud!!!