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Personal Message

Hi everyone!

I'm very new when it comes to writing fanfics, so I'll look to you for guidance! I'm not sure if I'll ever write or post what I've written that's already on tumblr, but I might do it one day.

You can find me on tumblr here:

Feel free to talk to me at anytime! ^o^

About Me

My name is Linda. I'm a '91-liner and am a penguin enthusiast. I am currently working two jobs as a librarian at WBCLibrary and as a Student Alumni Director in the Office of Diversity Education at Southwestern University.

I was first introduced to Kpop in 2006 through TVXQ/DBSG when all of their CDs found their way into my hands through a friend. I ended up listening to them constantly and was an avid Kpop fan until around 2010 when I took a hiatus from kpop. I found my way back into the Kpop world during the summer of 2012 and am back to my Kpop loving days!

Although I am forever and always a Cassie, my current ultimate group is SHINeEXO. I remember seeing both their debuts and just falling in love with their music. Can you tell who my bias in SHINee is? ;) Haha! I also have a reluctant ultimate bias (Kim Jongdae, you .) that constantly battles Onew for that place. OTL I think we know who's currently winning that battle considering all of my fanfics. *sobs* I like a lot of other groups too, so if you're curious just ask me! 

I used to read fanfiction, but after I came back from my hiatus I swore that I would never read or write any fanfiction again for personal reasons. However, I stumbled upon a fanfic that Aliza (ranithepirate) wrote and fell in love with fanfiction ever since. There are so many great writers out there!

I don't know what else to say about myself, so if you're so curious (yeah~) then come talk to me!

I don't bite.

Maybe deathly hugs though.