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Personal Message

Once you enter the Kpop world, you never get out.


About Me

So basically I love kpop & jpop. (Wow shocker) 

The very first group I saw was actually Super Junior M because, my sister was obsessing over them & SNSD.

I think the video was "Super Girl" Then I saw "Gee" by SNSD and I basically fell in love. Anyways enough with the babbling these people are my favorite groups right now:


Duo Groups

1) AKMU (AKDONG MUCISCIAN) I really love this duo, they are very talented so I reccomend that you check them out.

2) Donghae & Eunhyuk (Okay okay okay I know they aren't actually a duo group but, you can't say that they aren't perfect together. There's just so much bromance and chemistry and their voices go SOOO WELL together. I never get tired of their duos in fact I'm going to listen to one right now)

3) Waggaki Band. I am OBSESSED with this group I love love LOVE their music. They are a japanese traditional/rock music band and it honestly is just so perfect. I can't! <3

Guy Groups

1.) B.A.P (They are the first Kpop group that I found myself! I'm a baby for life!) (Daehyun is my bias..obviously) ( & Me & Jongup have the same bday so...Yeah xD)

2.) Exo ( Exo Stan) ( Kai is my Bias) ^_^

3.) GOT7 ( Mark is my bias) :$

4) BTS (Namjoon/Rap Monster is my bias) ^-^

5) BIGBANG<3333333

6) Vixx (Hongbin is my bias) <3

7) B1A4 (Sandeul is my bias) ^_^

8) SHINee (Taemin is my bias) <33333333

9) Da-iCE 

10) Exile

11) J Soul Brothers

12) Generations

Girl Groups

1.) 2ne1

2.) Secret

3.) SNSD

4.) F(X)

5.) Flower

6.) A-Pink 에이핑크


8) AfterSchool

9) E Girls

10) Morning Musume

11) Giselle4 (Whenever I'm looking for something a little y or cute I always go to their music. I never knew Jpop could be y I thought it was all cutesy wutesy stuff but, once again I have underestimated the power of Jpop. I will gladly take several seats!)


Solo Male Artists

1) Jay Park (You had to have seen this coming, I mean he's perfect). xD

2) K. Will ( He makes beautiful music that makes me happy and depending on the song sad. He really gets my emotions going and he's freaking Handsome and so cute! Ugh!)

3) G-Dragon (He's not always solo I know he is apart of BigBang but, when he is whoooo!)

4) Taeyang (I don't even NEED to explain! Who doesn't love Taeyang, honestly? WHO?!?)

5) JJ Lin (If you don't know who he is you need to check him out. He isn't Kpop or Jpop he's actually Mandopop...I think! Just listen to him! I suggest the song "She says" and "Practice Love" )

6) Taemin (I know that he isn't solo from SHINee but, I really like his voice despite what crap everyone else has been talking! And he's great at dancing!) <3

Solo Female Artists

1) Ailee

more coming soon!


                                    OTP/People I Ship

          Eunhae (Eunhyuk & Donghae Suju)   

  tumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo8_250.giftumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo7_250.giftumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo4_250.gif                                                        tumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo6_250.gif  tumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo5_250.giftumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo2_250.giftumblr_n8vefd1bNi1roo8kwo1_250.gif    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQAu_QX6hVE <<<<<--------- Click me




                                       Jongbin ( Jongsuk & Woobin)

      tumblr_mqwvbasXwA1r9f1l9o1_500.pngtumblr_n8rfp73MkN1sq04vgo1_250.gif   tumblr_mrcysbYeFw1rp30rso1_500.gif  tumblr_mk632hN9Vu1rtagb6o2_250.gif                                               There is just too much bromance to deny it. <3



                          Daejae ( Daehyun & Youngjae B.A.P)


                  tumblr_n878b5zbfA1s71y28o2_r1_500.gif      tumblr_n2n5y3bzWo1s71y28o2_500.giftumblr_n5qossSUFQ1stxiugo2_250.gif


                                              XIUHAN (Xiumin & Luhan Exo)

You can't tell me it's not real. <3


                       Kaisoo/Kyungsoo (Exo Kai & Kyungoo)