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Well Produce 48 just wrecked me. And me back into the Jpop hole...I don't think I'm emerging out of this one in a while.

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My saltier-than-the-ocean arse is probably going to change my username to ' Mnet' or something of the like pretty soon. 

I think my love for K-pop has gone full circle now. Lets see...for maybe the random 1 in a million person who is actually interested...

Started off as an anime fan when I was about pre-teen to early teens, got into K-rock and Arashi and Ikimono Gakari (and various others) through their anime theme songs. Watched Inuyasha one fateful day and fell in love with Boa, who had done one of the theme songs. Disovery of Boa's Japanese songs lead to her Korean career, and then at the same time my friend introduced me to DBSK's Japanese discography, and I fell in love because vocals. That was the start of the K-pop hole, which only got deeper and deeper as I discovered variety shows, music and concert stages, prettily packaged albums and photobooks and fanfiction. Alas,the one thing that made my Kpop addiction so long and lasting was that it connected my absolute favourite hobby (writing and reading). 

Started emerging from the Kpop hole in 2010 when DBSK hit their hiatus and the whole JYJ leaving debacle began. Had a blissful one year of getting back into alternate rock music when a Kpop Festival was announced in Australia, headlined by acts like CNblue, Beast, Miss A, 4 Minute, Kara, Secret, 2 AM, Shinee, Girls Generation, and DBSK. Well...I had cooled down to DBSK, but my favs were still in the group so I had to go, and that mistake me back into the hole for years. This time it was Girls Generation and their everything's fault (from their personalities, to their variety, to their music, they got me hook, line and sinker). By 2013, I (and probably everyone under the sun) heard about AKB48's Minegeshi Minami incident, AKA the girl who shaved her head after being caught dating incident, and it got me a little curious. But by that time I was still deep in the Kpop hole and didn't do much more than a cursory glance around, and wasn't too impressed with the songs I found. Got out of the Kpop hole in 2014 after the whole Sica-Gate incident sort of shattered the OT9 illusion for me, and at that time, I was in my second year of uni and outgrowing a lot of my old hobbies and likes.

Then Mnet ruined everything by collabing with JYP and producing a show called Sixteen which happened to have Lee Chaeyeon and Lee Chaeryoung in it. As a lover of Kpop Star, I had liked those girls when they appeared in season 3, so I thought, why not see how they've been all these years...Yeah, that stay became a lot more than 'checking out'. As expected, fell in love with a bunch of members, and in the end neither the Chae sisters, or my new fav Somi made it. Still, I did love the members of Twice, and have been following them over the years, just not as zealously as with my previous favs. That should've been the end of it, me as a casual Twice fan who checks out their releases, maybe some variety shows, and if it's good, I'll buy an album. 

Then a few months later, Mnet announces Produce 101 and that Somi is in it, and there goes any chances of me emerging from the Kpop hole. Watched the show, and like everyone else gathered 30 kids and IOI was a long journey of variety shows, music performances, fighting to buy sold-out albums, meme-ness and an emotional rollercoaster of a concert. After IOI, there was Pristin, and Gugudan, and Chungha and then...nothing. Like total silence for months because these company's clearly can't capitalise on success tha's literally handed to them on a platter. I was about done with kpop, as the years passed by I grew disillusioned with the industry, and their rigid, constricting rules, and the way they treated their artists like . I still loved the idols themsevles, and wanted to support them but I couldn't get into Gugudan and Weki Meki no matter how hard I tried, I was falling out of love with Pristin because there just wasn't any content, Somi floats in and out of commercials and the occasional guest-starring, and I thought, welp, after ten years, I'm a grown-arse woman by now, maybe it's time to move on from early teen fascinations.

Then Mnet laughed and said 'hold my beer' and announced Produce 48. Started watching for Lee Chaeyeon and Lee Kaeun. Honestly I didn't expect to the 48G members to do anything for me. Ha. Oh naivety, you'd think my arse would learn after ten years. Watched the show, watched all of the subbed 48G content I could find. Fell down that rabbit hole so so hard, and then to top of it off got kicked in the face because out of my favourites only Chaeyeon got in. Now I'm drowning in the 48G fandom, because I'm kinda lost lol. Welp, ten years, multiple different bands, and now I'm back where I started. Japanese pop culture. It really has come full circle...