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Who should I pair Hello Venus Ara with which EXO member?

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 Hi Everbody....... ^_^

I'm Linda, an american-vietnamese girl. I'm a big fan of 2PM!!!

There is nothing fun about me except the fact that I love to write stories (mostly about 2PM and now currently working on other bands too ^_^). I seriously cannot stop thinking of stories to write for my readers. I know I may not be the best writer and have plenty of grammar errors, but I will try my best to avoid those grammars errors and write great stories. Story Time!!! So here it is, I'm just a laid back yet active girl. I'm a dream girl and imagine things in my head frequently. I alway have this full of scripts and stories in my head that is going to exploded one day. Eventually it exploded in 2009, where all of my imagination and dreams became stories. I decided to write some stories, I remembered my first story was "MY OTHER HALF" Nichkhun & Yuri on That story was okay (lots of grammar errors and unorganize plots). I've recieved a lot of good comments. There was some couple bad one but it did not bother me even though it hurt me a little. FIGHTING!!! But I still continue to write story and now I'm move to asianfanfics. I like it here a thousand time more than winglin. So please do read my stories and support me. dont be afraid to friend me cause i'm really a friendly person. THANK YOU!!!!

Favorite love band: 2PM, SNSD, After School, Big Bang, Miss A, 2AM, TVXQ, GOT7

Favorite like Kpop: Baek Ji Young, Super Junior, Mblaq, B2ST (BEAST), SE7EN, 2NE1

Favorite Coupling:

*Taecyeon & Yoona, Taecyoon!!! (Hardcore fan)*


*Nichkhun and Taeyeon* (Hardcore Fan)

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*Taecyeon and Jessica*

2505diemdanh006.jpg[Star of the Week] The Awesome Boys that SNSD Brought Out

*Donghae & Krystal (Haestal or Kryshae)*

*Siwon & Jessica (Wonsica)*

Super Generation in 30 DaysDay 4: The pairing you are currently fond of▶ Jessica and Siwon (Jesswon) - Not really sure is they have a name?  Even though I ship Sifany together I can’t help but pair these together, they’re just so darn cute, just look at the way Jessica is staring at Siwon and the way Siwon looks at Jessica ;)