About Me

Hi! I'm LetsMeetInOurDreams5! I'm an author and also a reader! I'm a Cassieopia at 99% because I have other groups that I love too. I'm fan of TVXQ as you've read! XD I'm french so my english isn't fluent. I'm a big supporter of YunJae! In fact, I only believe that YunJae is real but it doesn't mean I don't like other pairings like SiChul or GTop but I don't write story focus on them. They might appear however! XD So well...here my stories:


- I promise I won't ever fall (complete)

- That line that define my love  (complete)

- If only I knew (complete)


Short stories

- Draw me a melody (complete)

- Debtors (complete)

- An unlikely roommate (complete)

- I promise you (complete)

- Of scars, of masks and of stolen stars (complete)

- Snowball (Ongoing)


Long stories :

- My lover, you. Your Prison, me (ongoing)

- Meet me on the ring (finished but I'm slowly editing it)

- Don't come here, this is my ocean (ongoing)

- Darkness on my eyes (on hiatus)

- The legend of IlJaeMae (on hiatus)

- Orcs and Elves: an unexpected romance (Ongoing)

My twitter account : https://twitter.com/YJ4everSweetLuv

I hope you'll like them if you happen to read them! :) Have a nice day!