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Personal Message

I include s in the stories I write, so please if you are under 18 and/still living with your parents and they are paying for everything for you, better skip the part and/or be responsible. I won't take any responsibility for whatever you will do. 

I am not a professional writer or have a great knowledge with the English language so please understand that not all people are eloquent or good as you. 

I am writing to release my frustrations, stress or express myself and if you don't like what you read please feel free to skip the stories I don't mind; there are people out there who still appreciates it and I am writing this for them too. 


Thank you for the support (if you do) I am so grateful for it. I wish you all the best, stay healthy and happy. 


Life is hard but it is harder if you stop trying living it! 

About Me

I am just a useless Twice fan and making a decent living, writing mostly JeongMi fics and making people happy. 


I heed into peoples advises but won't take your bull if you want to take a dump. Expect that dang flying back to you if you want to swing it.