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  • Romance-angst-drama
  • Romance-drama-fluff
  • Drama-fluff-comedy
  • Drama-romance-action

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Cassiopeia - named after the 5-starred constellation ★ Recognizable due to its distinctive ‘W’ shape, formed by five bright stars

The pillar of support behind the greatest name of TVXQ

Therefore, be it 2 or 3 for the real Cassie…it needs and will always be 5 to create Cassiopeia.

Will continue support these five stars. -AKTF-

*** once ever made my joy knew no bounds...

Now, Always Keep The faith! Giving the five of them my endless support...

Even it might sounds stupid... but for me that's what the real Cassie should do as we start to know them as five back then.



...영원히 다섯이 사랑...

About Me

I never plan to be an author, but somehow I can’t help but to write.

I have an inner need for it. It’s because there's an emotion that sometime I can't express it out loud.

And I've found that I can express it better through writing.

“When I write a page that reads badly I know that it is myself who has written it. When it reads well it has come through from somewhere else.”
-Gerald Brenan-

(Forgive me if there is any grammatical/typographical mistake as english is not my daily language.) ^^

- Kimbab ssi_김밥ღ -