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For those who followed me back in the day, I'm alive!!!! And for those who didn't, I just want you to enjoy my stories!! :3

I've gone through much the past few years, I gave up on writting, but during this quarantine I got  the inspiration I needed to keep on writing. Please bear with me! I'm not a constant writer, but I don't want to give up on this again. It feels right when I write and it helps me to relieve stress.

I really love reading your comments and suggestions. Your love keeps me going!! <3

About Me

I'm 26. I'm mexican. I have an international relations/affairs degree.

I love music, arts, and everything related to Asia's traditional & popular culture (particularly East Asia's).

I speak fluently Spanish (duh!) and English. I'm still not confident with my Korean and Chinese since I'm still an intermediate student. I want to study japanese!

Since I was little I loved to write stories, but K-pop and anime introduced me to the art of fanfictons. :D

I'm an old K-poper, a Cassiopeia, Hottest, Boice, Angel, and recently Myday... maybe also a Stay.

I'm a gamer too, but just a noob. I love Blade & Soul!

Maybe I'm not the best, but I try my best!!

Hope you like my stories!! <3

PD. You can find me on Twitter as: @KiaraL05