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About the Author

Kaye Allen is the bestselling author of Chasing Sunsets: Love & Wonders Anthology, and is a Bachelor of Communications graduate major in Media Production, with honors and distinctions. She has been writing for more than 9 years now, and runs a literary blog where she posts most of her works.

She is pursuing a career in literature and has taken courses in Creative Writing, Scriptwriting, and Philosophy. She is a passionate storyteller with strengths that lie in Fiction—in genres such as Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal and Contemporary.

When not writing or drowning herself in books, she enjoys singing, traveling, replaying Disney films and fangirling over her fave group, BTS. She is an aspiring world-changer and hopes to make a difference—even if in just one person's life—through the stories that she writes.

She lives in the Philippines with her family, their precious dogs Shammy and Gucci, and their fierce cat Maxi.


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