What's your reaction?

  • I'm sure Seung Hyun will eat his words!!!
  • Bom will be the first to fall I think. XD

Personal Message

I'm not totally sure if anyone is reading this right now but if you are, thank you for taking the short time to do so. I actually had the idea to update this profile of mine as a lot has changed since the first time I posted a story. 

About Me

Hi guys! My username is Hawkfish but you can call me Jazz. 
It's my real nickname. 
Anywho, it's been a long time since I updated my profile and I'm really thankful for you guys who have come to support me with my stories and all. I love you all to bits!
Anyway, I'm going to share a 'bit' about myself now. 


Before I being a KPOP fan, I was an Otaku (and still am). My friends encouraged me to cosplay way back and now I am still doing it. My first cosplay character ever was Haruno Sakura (NARUTO) because I have this crush on that Uchiha Sasuke Cosplayer who is Miguel Mercado. (He's a popular artist now, like he does comic covers for Marvel and stuff. You can check his profile out at deviantart, merkymerx.)


My interests then shifted to C-POP mostly Fahrenheit (I still can't believe my Aaron Yan is GAY but well.. I support him in whatever makes him happy) and then KPOP became popular. 




Yes,yes, they paved the way in my transition to become a kpop fan.

I was then introduced to SHINee being a Jonghyun Bias. (My baby, I miss you) and soon I discovered 2ne1 because Sandara Park was famous in our country before  and still is. (Philippines) 

Of course, the moment I discovered 2ne1, here goes Big Bang and tthat is how I became an avid fan of TOPBOM. 

A lot of things happened these past few years and now I am currently living in United Kingdom where we have a new strain of CORONA lurking about. I've had it once but I'm queued up for vaccination next week so hopefully the world will become normal again-- like before corona. 


Anyways, I collected a lot of Big Bang merch and went to their concerts... fanmeet as well! 
I dressed up as G-Dragon before during their ALIVE tour in Manila and hoo boy everyone thought I was him >.< I started portraying GD when the Crayon MV came out because there was this KPOP dressup competition and since his MV just came out I thought it would be a nice idea to portray him and well everyone was saying that I do look like him so after all that Jazz I started to portray him and I even started a Big Bang Cover group. I miss my boys! T_T 


Anyhow thanks for checking my profile out, I know it's really boring but I'm not really good with page designs and layouts. HAHA. 

I hope to see you soon though! Take care always and be safe!


- love, Jazz