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Are you Challenging me?

Story's working on
100 Years

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Games That I Play

Sims 3
Starcraf 2
Need For Speed
Call Of Duty

And On my Phone I Play a Stargate SG-1 game ^^

Fav Author ~~

She is amazing I love stuff her wrighting is amazing I just love reading her storys over and over again, You all should  go read her stuff there amazing,
Fav Story's ~~

♥ : -- It That You?
♥ : -- I fell in Love With A SPY
♥ : --
♥ : --
♥ : --

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About Me

your precious smile.
your precious smile.
Annyeonghaseyo Everyone

Well my name is Samantha Warrior but you can all just call
me Sam I am 21 years old and I live in Scotland, but Born in England,

This about me well~~
I Love Horse ever since I was little
I uesd to have 3 but since I moved up to Scotland we had to give them away *cry*, I love Singing and Dancing even is I am not good at it still fun to do, I have a Kitten Called Min-Tae and all she like to do is attack me all day, and be a Ninja half the time filling of stuff,
I have Dyslexia, my Spelling is bad but I am getting better (I hope) and my Grammar is not good, maly because I don't really Know what it is,  My Maths is not good too but that don't bother me, everyone even people that don't have Dyslexia had hard time with Maths,
School Life was hell the teachers in the school did not want to spend there time teaching me anything because i was slow at picking stuff up and when i asked then for help they would say no you should not it all reay everyone else in the calls is doing it, and when i asked them again they would send me would in to the hallway, by the end of it i was kicked out of school, Because i could not do any of my class,

K-PoPPer Life~~
Well the first ever song I heard from a K-PoP Artists was BoA with her song Eat you up, and I fell in love with that song now that was back in college which would have been 2009 but I did not knoe what it was K-PoP, and when i really going in to K-PoP was at the start of 2012 when I heard SHINee song Lucufer and I just feel in love with SHINee, and from then on I have been in love with K-PoP, and Yeah I can't talk Korean but I am Learning slowly ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

Well Add Me if you want I love making new Friends ^^

Bye Bye
Love you All
mood : Happy
craving on : Banana
eyegasm : Kyuhyun ~ Taemin
eargasm : Super Junior - Mamacita
Super Junior M ~ Swing
fandoms : Shawol ~ ELF
my biases :


Fic I like to Read ~~

Well I really on Like OC and Idel, ones dont
really like Idel on Idel one i read some and did not really like them i don't know why, 
I like Supernatiral one i think there cool 

People I Like to have in fics

and OC *HEHE*