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About Me

Hello Everyone (Konnichiwa in Japanese)

My name is Gwen, I am an extremely famous author on ao3 under the name GwenLovesReggie famous for mostly my Harry potter storeis but here on this web site I am going to be uploading some kpop fanfics and such.

My Ultimate favoriet kpop group is Girls Generation, even tho they are so old by now, I love there music and there group dynamic. My favorite member is Tiffany but I also enjoying Sunny and Seohyun alot.

I also enjoy Sakura Miyawaki a lot she is my favorite 4th gen idol. As well as I like Wonyoung and many members of Izone, which I got into because of the AKb48 collaboration. Hitomi I also love from Izone. I like the group dynamics of Le Sserafim so I watch their variety shows and youtube stuff a lot but I don't like there music super much lol, my favorite modern kpop groups in terms of the music is IVE, NewJeans, and I enjoy Magnetic and Midnight Fiction by ILLLIT so far.

Twice also make good music.

BUt i will probbaly mostly write Girls Gernation and maybe fics of the ex Izone memebrs and stuff


thanks for reading my page. My tumblr is Send me asks and stuff on there because I am always bored.