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hey hello my name is maggie or you can call me whatever you want, idrc, i'm not on here much anyway. if you're looking for my legit profile, that's below (and much better lmao). this is just a place for me to put the images that i really want to save haha.

but now that you're here, check out my translation site! i translate chinese BL webnovels to english. pls support rosmei's version of QQGK (global examination) because guess who's translating it!

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About Me

hi, i'm maggie, i've been here for a while. i'm less into the kpop scene nowadays, but you can still talk to me about things. i like genshin and chinese BL and got7. i'm into translation as well as writing, so click on the link above to check out my translations!

stories i'm proud of: strawberries and cigarettes, we came crying hither, july

biases in kpop: got7 jayb (as you can tell), wayv kun, ikon jinhwan, exo baekhyun, and more (just ask!)