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hello, if you've been here a while, you'll probably know me from the applyfic community. my name is maggie, you can call me mags or come up with your own nickname for me, whatever.

i'm slightly old (according to my friends) but also a baby (according to Adultier Friends) so basically i'm in my twenties. i like to write and sometimes i rp too. i have zero shame about anything, most especially about liking the things i like (chinese webnovels, kpop, chinese music, etc).

if you know physics (well or not well) feel free to contact me any time because i am always in need of help (or i can help you, if you trust me enough). physics is a hard subject and it always will be, but you know what, this is the path i chose and i WILL walk it or so help me.
my writing style is idek anymore. i'm no longer a prolific writer (at all, much less on this site), especially since i've gotten into translating. but i like to think that i'm Sort Of Deep.

a legit answer? my writing style tends towards emotions. i'm fairly okay at pacing and i can convey feelings quite well. something i need to work on is plot movement and actually Telling A Story.

though i'm no longer active here, you can still comment sparrow on my wall or in my DMs to get a (short) personalized oneshot of your choosing.
i am still very much into kpop. in fact, most of the songs that i have in my spotify are kpop.

however, my kpop preferences are very much stuck in second and third gen.

scroll down for kpop recs; to the right for chinese recs. player is whatever fit my mood at the time of doing this.
scroll down.
scroll down.
kpop song recs (aka songs i like and am shoving onto yall):

- tvxq - one more thing
- sunggyu - stuck on
- hongki - raise me up
- nell - time walking on memories
- jungkook - euphoria
- infinite - last romeo
- ftisland - switch
- sunggyu - 60 seconds
- ftisland - do you know why
- up10tion - white night
- ftisland - you and me
- got7 - hard carry
- got7 - not by the moon
- super junior - super clap
- shinhwa - super power
- changmin - piano
- nct - misfit
- nct - without u (chn)
- blackpink - lovesick girls
- the rose - she's in the rain
- fx - ending page
- wayv - face to face
- super junior - one more chance
- hyesung - blame and love (istg it had another name but i can't remember)
- nflying - oh really
- minwoo - kiss it away
- exid - lie

that's all i have for now, and btw i took these from one single playlist on my spotify so of course it's going to reflect what's in that particular playlist and not my entire music taste. for instance, i didn't put any ikon songs in there.
by 张一乔
by 张一乔
kpop groups/biases:

- tvxq (yunho)
- exo (baekhyun)
- ftisland (hongki)
- wayv (kun)
- infinite (sunggyu)
- dreamcatcher (gahyeon)
- shinhwa (hyesung)

this is, as always, not indicative of all of my kpop groups/biases, but just the ones i can think of right now.
genshin teams: (right for mains)

main team:
- tartaglia
- zhongli
- bennett
- kaeya

i like to run a freeze comp so both tartaglia and kaeya are my main DPSs heh.


training team:
- traveller
- lisa
- yanfei
- zhongli

the first three are my most-levelled characters (other than main) and zhong's there for shield. i'm mostly building yanfei right now but i do want to level lisa for that sweet sweet overloaded.


and that's it! i have four teams filled but i'm too lazy to tell yall about that.

this man was the first five star character that i ever wanted so badly it hurt. and probably the only one, tbh.

childe is a very special character to me. he's my thirst trap lol and i love how he has two attack modes <3 my versatile king.

this man's been my main DPS since the beginning, i love him so much.

i sort of got tired of running with him because of his cloak and his voiceline whenever i sprint (who's impatient, huh???)

ppl hate on kaeya but if he was a five star, they'd be drooling over him so.
i wasn't planning on pulling for him but then i did his story quest (pt1) and WAS SO SAD.

just, he's the human representation of liyue and i cry for him aghadnfahah my 尘世闲游.

anyway this man has spoiled me now LOL i die without his shield.
i was so lucky to have pulled benny on the beginners' banner so he's been part of my team since the beginning. istg he CARRIED me through the game.

that being said, benny has a tendency to set himself on fire (hence before zhong, he killed himself a lot) so i don't main him.

istg he's just, such a sweet dude :"))
i disliked her when she was leaked but then i somehow did a total 180 and even if i didn't get zhongli, i was pulling for her anyway. AND I GOT C2!!!

like i said, i'm building her atm and she's super strong i love her so much agh. she's real easy to use and i ran the mondstadt talent book domain (level 2) with just her and zhong. SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW.

anyway i love her, she looks so smug and i'd probably hate her irl (as i would most characters) but i'm gay for her.
i will admit, i stopped building lisa because i always thought i wanted beidou in my team (for mining, but now i have zhong).

lisa is slow but she does a really really nice overloaded reaction and i still love and want that :( so now she's in my training team again!

honestly ppl hate on lisa but let's be real here if she was real, we'd all simp for her. at least i would (already do).
i'm sure you can already tell by the first page that i love xiao. that being said, i don't have him :(

i am, however, saving for his rerun! we think he'll rerun during moonchase festival (aka the mid-autumn festival irl) so let's go babey!!!

anyway i have a thing for the adepti ;; especially xiao who's suffered so much aghahahha.
i've always wanted this little geo man :( and after the misty habitats event, i want him even more now aghhdah he's so--

but i hate how mihoyo aged him down???? like he's literally a (SPOILER) chalk man, you'd think rhinedottir would make him look older?? but noooooo mihoyo had to spoil our fun >:((
okay look, i'm not liking any of the inazuma characters, but baal's hella pretty and i LOVE her ability. stopping time?? that's ing OP.

idk what else to say about her but i really want her. of course, i'm not going to pull for her if it's going to ruin xiaobedo, but...
chinese webnovel recs:

hyperlinks will be to english translations only but if you want the original chinese, contact me and i'll give you my ;) totally ;) legal ;) links

also, these novels are LONG so it definitely takes a while to get through them, but if any of yall do actually read even one of these, please do talk to me about them!


天官赐福 (tian guan ci fu, heaven official's blessing)
- just so we're clear, this is my FAVORITE webnovel of all time please read it i literally cannot stop thinking about it i've read it twice through and i just cannot
- fav character: shi qingxuan and of course hua cheng and xie lian (honestly i loved everyone adfgh they were all so well-written)

默读 (mo du, silent reading/light in the night)
- this one comes in a close second and i in LOVE the characters; priest has a very very nice, subtle way of pointing out real-life problems in her novels and i love that soooo much ;;;
- WARNING: the translations seem MTL-ed to me, so while i am leaving the link up, just know that some things will not be explained by any of the three available translations; i will be translating this novel at some point, though
- fav character: tao ran

魔道祖师 (mo dao zu shi, the grandmaster of cultivation)
- i tried so hard to like it (i mean i DID like it a lot) but the romance overshadowed the plot way too much
- fav character: jiang cheng and nie huaisang

伪装学渣 (wei zhuang xue zha, fake slackers)
- HOLY do i love this one so much???? where's MY cute school romance??? honest to in god if you're looking for a nice sweet schoolyard romance to brighten your day, this is it
- fav character: um??? both of them????????

鬼吹灯 (gui chui deng, candle in the tomb)
- unfortunately i was unable to find a translation for this, likely due to the fact that it's a really old series (and officially published, so it likely already has an official english version)
- fav character: honestly all three MCs... hu bayi is my soul brother and shirley yang is the person i aspire to be

盗墓笔记 (dmbj, tombrobber's diary) - this was the book that got me into reading webnovels in the first place, even though for years i'd only read it and its spinoffs over and over LOL
- like GCD, this one has no romance (though there are hints of a Bromance) and i like that a lot
- also, the translation is edited MTL and the translator claimed to have referenced many chinese people, so i think it'll be okay
- fav character: ZHANG! QI! LING!

恐怖谷漫游指南 (kong bu gu man you zhi nan, guide to horror valley)
- unfortunately i could not find a translation for this either, likely owing to the fact that 1. it's newer, 2. the author's not very well known, and 3. this genre (roughly called 'unlimited adventure' which is basically horror-isekai) is generally not very popular amongst english-speaking fans
- i want to translate this, but there are a lot of references (especially to anime) that i don't understand, so we'll see
- fav character: du zijun

地球上线 (di qiu shang xian, the earth is online)
- i LOVE this novel i've read it twice already ahaha (twice in two months) it's got to be the most well-written webnovel i've read to date! it's paced really well and there's not too much romance and the action is balanced and the characters are all really likeable.
- linked to MY OWN translation hehe
- fav character: BAI! RUO! YAO! bby ;-;

卡牌密室 (ka pai mi shi, card room)
- okay this one is long but i promise it's worth it. it's also one of the better-written novels that i've read and i think the horror is pretty well-balanced and i ed up my sleep reading it but hey whatever right?? anyway it's a really nice book and the romance is cute >:) and just asdfgh
- i will also be translating this one soon (after i finish TEIO)
- fav character: aaaaaa too many ;-; i think tang ci, ye qi, and shao qingge take the top tho

某某 (mou mou; a certain someone)
- so i... let it be known that i rarely cry because of fiction, but this was the second webnovel to really make me cry (the first one being Fake Slackers) and man, just... idek what to say. there's a lot i could say but i just, really, there's a lot i could say. go listen to the song and i just wanna cry more thanks.
- fav character: don't in make me choose between sheng wang and jiang tian >:((( i love them BOTH EQUALLY AND MORE


i do have more suggestions, but none of them are guaranteed translations (also i think yall are sick of me by now lol).

i want to say that i appreciate all translators, but i don't with pure MTL (also i didn't double check the existing translations lol so if the grammar seems wack and there are no footnotes, it's 90% an MTL. tell me and i'll potentially put it on my translate list.

chinese webcomic recs:

yes babey i know what you're thinking! she's back to torture us again! i know! i am! but i am trash! again, all hyperlinks will be for english translations only but i also ;) have ;) my ;) chinese ;) sources (jk my webcomic sources are legal)


19天 (19 days; by old xian)
- i honestly... ironically it was my american friend who recommended me this and it's her comfort comic and now it's mine too LOL
- fav character: ALL OF THEM except for the sister >:( her LOL

sq: 她们的故事 (tamen de gushi; also known as their story; by tan jiu)
- from the same studio as 19 days; i actually discovered this one first LOL and OHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDD i fell in love immediately like FUKCUFKCU MY GAY LESBIAN HIGH SCHOOL ROMANCE WITH VERY LITTLE HOMOPHOBIA MY FELLOW GAYS W Y A i'm ing crying i love this so much can you tell
- fav character: qi fang, actually LOL yall were probably expecting a girl but nah it's qi fang poor man (okay okay i love sun jing too and everyone else too but qi fang has a special place in my heart)

非人哉 (fei ren zai, non-human; by yi wang kong qi)
- i found this first on my chinese comic app (kuaikan) and tbh i've always loved chinese history and the humor in this comic is out of this in world (although sometimes very specific to chinese youngsters lol i hope the translators explain the jokes)
-fav character: honestly too many to count but if i had to choose... bai ze LOL he's just the biggest mood

*shout-out:* fools (by yeongha)
- yes you saw right! this is actually a korean webcomic! the ironic thing is that the chinese translation is being distributed by kuaikan so i found it in chinese first LOL anyway this one is SOOOO cute and i love it a lot pls check it out
- fav character: jeongwoo

同学关系 (classmate relationship; by zi wu ah)
- back to the chinese comics LOL this one is seriously the CUTEST it's actually sort of similar to fools but it involves a lot more homophobia stuff iirc but ANYWAY it's the cutest thing ever and i love it so much
- fav character: qin lan (see below)

非友人关系 (we're not friends); by zi wu ah)
- yep, this is a direct spinoff of classmate relationship but featuring two side characters; their relationship is, as you may have guessed, pretty rocky due to reasons revealed in classmate relationship, but i actually love this pair (and this comic) a lot more than classmate relationship, and a lot of it is because of the character development ;;
- originally it didn't have a translation BUT THANK GOD SOMEONE IS TRANSLATING IT!!!
- fav character: qin lan still because gOD he suffered so much ;; bby


well, that's that i guess LOL i really hope yall at least check out 19 days, sq, fei ren zai, and we're not friends because they are literally the light of my life (i'm not kidding when i say 19 days and sq are my comfort comics LOL i used sq as bait to study for my finals)
quotes that i like:

我喜欢你,所以希望你被簇拥抱围,所以你走的路要繁花盛开,要人声鼎沸。 (某某)

风光无限是你,跌落尘埃也是你,重要的是你,而不是怎样的你。 (天官赐福)

一起去啊,去更远的地方。 (伪装学渣)

我不是凝视深渊的人,我就是深渊。 (默读)

人间骄阳刚好,风过林梢,彼时他们正当年少。 (某某)

我愿永不安息。 (天官赐福)

别人推进去的时候都有人在外面等,要是他没有,我怕他一伤心就不肯回来了。 (默读)

there may be more, but in general, there's not a lot here because i'm super picky about what i like, so there aren't a lot of them that i like in the first place.
if you haven't already gathered, i translate chinese BL webnovels as a hobby. you can click on the picture on the left to be redirected to my site, or here's the link directly.

scroll right to read my reasons for translating and my stance on MTL.

- 地球上线 (the earth is online)

- 恐怖谷漫游指南 (Player's Guide to Horror Valley)
- 卡牌密室 (Card Room)
- 默读 (Mo Du, or Silent Reading)
why i translate:

my friends wanted to start reading some chinese BL novels, but the majority of them only speak english or don't speak chinese very well. i wanted to recommend TEIO, but i realized that the only available translation was an MTL (machine translation) by a korean person who doesn't speak chinese at all.

since TEIO (and most other chinese novels) have a lot of traditional or popular cultural references, MTL absolutely cannot explain these things. you still need a human to explain why something is translated a certain way, what this joke is and why it's funny in chinese but why it doesn't translate over, etc.

also, anyone can translate, but not everyone can translate well. i'll be the first to admit that i have a definite advantage over some of the other translators because i also write, and i think i'm a fairly good writer. i know how to use words to best portray what i think the author is trying to say.

anyway, that was a lot of complimenting myself, but i think i deserve it hehe.


my stance on MTL:

i extremely dislike pure MTL, but i'm okay with edited MTL. i define edited MTL as a human who references the original text to fix the bad 'google translate' grammar and put in footnotes to explain certain things.

as you can tell, my big thing is FOOTNOTES. i strongly believe that some things just cannot be translated (and in fact shouldn't be translated directly). even if you do translate it all, it's useless without context. you can't make someone understand 'three-good student' without context. anyway, i will die on this hill or so help me.
i am no longer active on this site, but you can DM me or post on my wall if you need to find me. i'm also fairly active on my translation twitter (linked above) so you can also find me there if you need to. otherwise, i'll give you my instagram or discord usernames if you just ask.

i'm still writing sporadically, so you can keep up with my ao3 if you care that much lol. as you can all plainly see, i'm very obsessed with genshin, so if you DM me for my UID (or message me yours), we can become friends on genshin.

lastly, i'd like to thank everyone here for making my six-ish years so awesome. i made a lot of friends through this site, and though most of them are no longer active here, i remember them and the good times we had :")