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Who should be Kim Dawoon (Jessica's childhood friend)?

  • Stella
  • Yoona
  • Hara
  • Soyeon
  • Min Young

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About Me

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Are you curious about me???


I am not that interesting I am a full time worker so I can't update as much anymore. I do research and that is not related to or even close to writing but I love using writing as a destresser. 

My muse is SNSD for writing and I am sure you can tell, I am 100% in love with Taeyeon and I ship Taengsic ^^


Other than being a writer, I am an artist (drawing). It was funny that I came here to find a new way to express my art and I became hooked.

I really started on deviantart and have been a member there for 9 years, but then SNSD came into my life and I switched to writing. However I didn't abandon my art as you can see below ^^

I hope you like my writing and continue to support whatever artform I decide to do!