About Me

My name is Ayla. I'm from America but I currently live in Korea as a teacher. 

My zodiac sign is Leo, and I fit every bossy, domineering, traitorous, creative, unyeilding stereotype that exists for this. 

Dancing, cosplaying, writing, and children are all very important to me. 

I have five tattoos and (currently) nine piercings.

I got into kpop with EXO-K, so I'm sort of a late bloomer, but I know a lot about kpop now thanks to some amazing friends I've made.

I may like kpop idols but I'm currently engaged to marry to the love of my life <3


Male groups I have seen live: BAP (x2), Block B (x2), EXO (K&M) (x2), Beast (x2), ZE:A & ZE:A5, Teen Top, CN Blue, B1A4, G-Dragon, Henry (of Super Junior M), Dynamic Duo (x2), Yoo Seungwoo, BtoB (x2), Boys Republic, Speed, C-Clown, YB (x2), VIXX, U-KISS, ToppDogg, F.Cuz, Got7, LU:KUS, Say Yes, SoReal, N-Sonic, M.Pire, Offroad, Halo, Jjun, and 2AM. 

Girl groups I have seen live: F(x), Lip Service, Tiny G, A Pink, 4minute, Blush, Jewelry, Crayon Pop, Girl's Generation, Girl's Day, T-ara, Rainbow, Dal*Shabet, and Bestie. 


Top male groups: BAP, Block B, EXO

Top female groups: F(x), 2NE1, Lip Service

Favorite male idol: Bang Yongguk, Zico

Favorite female idol: Bipa, Amber


Dramas I have watched

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop

City Hunter

Dream High (1&2)

Reply 1997 & Reply 1994


Boys Over Flowers

Coffee Prince

That's Okay, It's Love

High School Love On (current)

Surplus Princess (current)